Astre Valley Appliance Repair Nutley Technician in Action to Provide a Quick Solution

The local appliance service providers understand how devastating it can be when the refrigerator quits working and food begins to spoil

Nutley NJ – Appliance Repair Nutley NJ technician understands the dilemma people face when their refrigerator quits working. Refrigerator problems can be the most costly when food loss is factored in. That is why Astre Valley Appliance Repair makes it a point to provide a quick solution to save the customer time, money and food!

Astre Valley Appliance Repair has provided appliance service and parts to area residents for over half a century. Fred Moscatello credits his success to his dedication to quality appliance service and customer satisfaction. “Since opening the business in 1956 we have treated our customers like part of our own family,” said Moscatello. “We care deeply and value their customers’ patronage as we strive to give them the best service possible.”

Astre Valley Appliance Repair Nutley NJ receives positive reviews from happy customers. One recent customer was thrilled when her refrigerator problem was handled quickly and efficiently:

“Our fridge wasn't working properly, and with some research I thought the problem might be the evaporator fan motor. It was great to be able to pick up the phone, call these guys, find out they had the part I needed, drive over and buy it, install it, and have the fridge working all within a few hours.” Julia from JN

Astre Valley Appliance Repair has the largest stock of fast moving and discontinued appliance parts in Northern NJ and they offer same-day service and emergency appliance repair.

Residents in Northern New Jersey enjoy quality service from local Nutley appliance service technicians. The 2 year guarantee and free return visit if anything goes wrong with the appliance within 30 days of service provides customers peace of mind that they are in good hands.

Astre Valley Appliance Repair is the leading appliance service provider in Northern NJ with over 50 years experience and an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. Visit to learn more.

About Astre Valley Appliance Repair:
Astre Valley Appliance Repair is the premier source for the finest appliance service in Northern New Jersey. The family owned business was founded in 1956 on the highest standards of customer service. Excellence is a family tradition carried on by Astre Valley Appliance Repair family as they extend personal service to each and every client they work with.